Windows laptops are typically seen as the obvious victim for the emergence of Chromebooks. However, it has been reported recently that MacBook could be affected as well. A research on distribution channels show that while the sales of Chromebook are growing rapidly in the United States; the sales of Apple’s MacBook are falling. The sales of Chromebook in were insignificant, but when viewed from records between January and November, these web-centric machines accounted for about 21 percent of sales in the notebook market.

As comparison, Windows-based laptops accounted for 42.9 percent of sales in 2012 and only 34.1 percent this year. MacBook’s already miniscule market share further shrinks to 1.8 percent down from 2.6 percent in. While we still can’t be sure, Chromebooks could take a hefty chunk of the overall notebook sales next year. This would mean that Apple’s share will shrink even further, perhaps around 1 percent or lower. Amazon’s bestseller list seems to confirm the research. The Samsung Chromebook and Acer C720 are best sellers in its laptop category, while the MacBook Pro only manages to reach the 14th place.

We can’t really say that Chromebooks would kill off MacBooks, but Apple’s sales in the laptop market are being hit really badly.

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