Chromebooks Are Quite Usable for Traveling Journalists

Many traveling professionals usually take with their 11.6-inch or 13.3-inch Windows or MacBook models, due to full compatibility with regular programs. However, those who want to try some bit different could get a Chromebook model instead.

During short trips, specs typically don’t matter, especially if the operating system is lightweight enough to allow smooth performance. Chromebooks are typically powered with weaker processors, but still usable for casual productivity use.

Most of the stories journalist send are typically consisted of some text and a few photos sprinkled in. There’s no full blown Microsoft Office-like capability in Chromebooks, instead they could directly access the WYSIWYG interface of their preferred CMS platform. This would be easier than screwing around with cloud-based storage services, like the Google Drive.

Despite being based from a web browser, the Chrome OS is still as great as any other laptop platforms; when journalists need to grab text or pictures from other websites. Its file explorer interface could look a bit rudimentary; compared to the OS X Finder or Windows Explorer; but it is still useful for re-uploading and downloading images. Unfortunately, the Chrome OS still doesn’t immediately recognize DSLR cameras through the USB port and it would be necessary bring the USB SD card adapter.

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