MacBook Pro (Edition) Could Arrive in October 22

We are now a couple of days away from Apple much-awaited October 22 event, which could be the most important, most exciting and biggest so far this year. Considering the outright disappointment people feel toward the iPhone 5C, consumers are expecting that Apple will launch better products in the event.

We have been expecting to see the Haswell MacBook Pro launched in the event and it proves to be the most mysterious and elusive future product of all. It didn’t appear on the last WWDC event and Apple remains quiet ever since.

But this time around, the new MacBook Pro model would give current ultrabook models one hell of a fight thanks to its enormous potentials. It will reach out to many more prospective users across the corporate and consumer markets than ever before.

Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup has always been very appealing and popular to laptop users. But with the new edition, we will not only to see the powerful Haswell processors under the hood, but also the unstoppable combination of 4G LTE connectivity and a new-generation Retina panel. This could easily translate to market-leading battery life, lightning-fast connectivity, stunning visuals and blistering performance.

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