Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130 Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130 is a solidly built sub-notebook available for less than $500 (Approx. £321). It’s neither very lightweight nor very slim. Performance junkies would immediately turn their back on the relatively slow Intel 977 Pentium processor and the 5400rpm HDD. Nevertheless, productivity software like the near-mandatory Microsoft Office suite would still run very smoothly and the laptop have a decent runtime of more than six hours.

A faster variant with Intel Core i3 2367M is available for a noticeably more expensive price of $700 (Approx. £450). The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E130 has an 11.6” matte display, but the mediocre brightness level makes outdoor usages disappointing.

The laptop is generally quiet for typical office settings and users can connect to different types of peripherals using the HDMI/VGA out ports and two USB 3.0 ports. The two speakers have decent audio quality with evenly distributed sound. Unfortunately, they offer no basses and the sound produced is generally treble-heavy.

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