Laptops With Intel Broadwell Processor Will Arrive to the UK Next Year

The IDF event has given us an early glimpse on the next-generation Broadwell architecture. Constructed with the new 14nm process technology, these new processors can deliver noticeably lower power consumption and higher performance.

During the event, Intel also showcased a notebook prototype running a Core i-series Broadwell 14nm processor. Based on tests, the system can provide up to 30 percent longer battery life than existing Haswell platforms. Some low-power variants of Broadwell processor may allow manufacturers to design fanless devices

Broadwell also relies heavily on multi threading and multiple core configuration.

14nm process involves shrinking the transistors size, which allows the chip maker to cram more on them on a processor. More transistors equal to better performance and smaller transistor dimension brings down the overall power consumption. More power also allows Intel to add more features.

As an example, Broadwell-equipped laptops will feature 3D cameras to support gesture controls, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. Other built-in capabilities may include voice recognition, eye-tracking and face recognition. Consumers in the United Kingdom may expect to buy Broadwell-powered laptops in.

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