Laptops with Gesture-Control Technology Will Be Available Next Year

Gesture-control technology has stolen the spotlight for some time. But we have yet to see real implementations from laptop manufacturers. Intel recently announced at the IDF event that major companies, including Lenovo, HP, Dell and Asus will deliver Kinect-like support with motion tracking technology on its upcoming models.

These laptops will have 3D-depth camera placed at the display bezel, possibly next to the front-facing webcam. For some time now, Intel has had its eye on the motion tracking technology, particularly since it established a partnership with GestureTek. It has also worked with Creative and SoftKinetic to develop perceptual computing solutions.

Intel also acquired Omek to further improve its gesture recognition expertise. Early implementations relied on mounting expensive external cameras on the laptop display. Now, Intel has worked on a small USB module that fits right inside the display. The processor maker says that the solution will be available for both notebooks and AiO computers.

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