Intel Seeks To Reinvigorate PC Sales in the UK With Convertible Laptops

Intel is banking on new innovations to arrest the slumping global PC sales, including the United Kingdom. New convertible laptops may help to turn the tide on mobile devices, particularly laptops. The IDF event is all about mobility. Instead of emphasizing on performance, Intel wants its mobile-centric solutions to steal the show.

The Atom Bay Trail is expected to arrive on future convertibles with a balanced combination of battery life and performance level. The platform may actually create a new category that combines the best of the both worlds, the portability of tablets and versatility of standard laptops.

Many would happily point out that convertible design has been around for years. But with Microsoft’s touch-optimized Windows 8.1 OS and Intel’s energy-efficient platform, we will finally see a new ecosystem filled great convertible models. However, Intel needs to make sure that despite their minimum specs, future Atom-powered convertibles should have less than 200ms of touch responsiveness, at least ten hours of battery life, less than ten seconds of boot times and near instant wake up from sleep.

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