Intel Says That Two-in-One Laptops Will Beat Tablets

Some people always claim that tablets are laptop killers, but according to research, most users are planning to replace their laptops with newer models, although they already have tablets.

The new two-in-one concept is expected be the new wave in the laptop industry. It is essentially laptops that can change to different modes, such as tent, tablet and standard laptop. While we can’t say that days of using tablets are numbered, this is clearly a direct attempt by PC makers to maintain sales as users are increasingly more touch-centric.

The Haswell processor lineup has allowed slim laptops and ultrabooks to adopt a more tablet-like mobility usage pattern. These laptops will have improved graphics and better power consumption.

Intel seems to insist that laptops with two-in-one concept will make tablets obsolete. Regardless of what may happen in the future, it’s quite clear that we will see more shipments of two-in-one devices in coming years.

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