Dell Unleashes Three New Alienware Gaming Laptops

Hot on the heels of Intel Haswell official release, three new Alienware laptops appeared for the first time. The Alienware 14, 17 and 18 use Haswell processor, latest Nvidia graphics solution and new WiFi standards. One interesting thing about these laptops is that finally the lineup receives a significant makeover, which is the first in 6 years. Dell decides to ditch the standard plastic body and these new laptops now have magnesium alloy chassis and aluminum lids.

As befits premium gaming laptops, there are lights aplenty on these new Alienware models and even the touchpad lights up nicely. The iconic alien logo still glows and the keyboard now has ten different color zones. Dell also combines Dolby Audio Theatre and Klipsch speakers, while the vents are properly positioned to prevent hot air from blowing onto gamers’ hands.

Intel 4th generation Core i7 quad-core “Haswell” processor is now a standard component among these laptops, along with Nvidia GTX 750M/765M. Those with a little bit of extra money should get the Alienware 18, which boasts a couple of graphics card, configured in an SLI setup. The 750GB HDD is the minimum storage option and users can choose variants with SSDs to improve performance even more.

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