Intel Confirms Haswell-based Laptops Will Have 50 Percent Lower Power Requirement

Laptop makers are preparing to bring us a new generation of hardware configuration, built around Intel’s new processor family, the Haswell. Intel said yesterday that the Haswell will have fifty percent of power requirements than theIvyBridge family. Designed with laptops and hybrids in mind, Haswell processors are focused on longer battery life.

The reduced power consumption won’t affect the overall performance level. On standby or idle mode, the chip is expected to allow laptop last 20 times longer. Haswell also includes new instruction set architecture update, which is rolled out every couple of years.

Haswell is an obvious market-oriented decision, as Intel has suffered from a huge slump in PC sales. Users with lighter computing needs are snapping up smartphones and tablets, instead of desktop PCs. Consequently, any mobile-centric improvement can help Intel to maintain good financial situation. Intel may officially unveil the new processor family in Taipei next month, during the Computex trade show.

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