Improperly Refurbished Second-hand Laptops Could Make Consumers in the UK Vulnerable

A London-based film making professional, Glenn Swift, returned his faulty Acer notebook to Sainsbury’s. It happened when his hard drive died and it gave him a plain blue screen. It turned out that the particular laptop was eventually sold through eBay and purchased by a buyer in the United States. The American buyer contacted Swift and said that his personal profile is stored on the laptop.

Swift said that Sainsbury’s promised to return the laptop back to Acer and he waited. However, less than a week later, the American buyer sent an email message to him, informing Swift that he has just bought Swift’s second-hand laptop via eBay.

This shows us just how much Windows 8 profiles can store information, which may include contact details, settings and saved password for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry, Yahoo! and others. Consumers are asked to set up a profile when they first use a Windows 8 laptop.

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