HP ProBook 6475b Review

The HP ProBook 6475b delivers a balanced package for Office-oriented tasks. Professionals would appreciate the superb feedback from its touchpad and keyboard. Connectivity options include VGA out ports, ExpressCard 54 slot, DisplayPort and various USB ports.

The ProBook 6475b can be maintained very easily. Much of the internal components can be accessed quickly through a large back cover. It doesn’t take a lot of technical skill to install SSD and add RAM module. Excess heat shouldn’t be an issue, but HDD noise is still audible even during idle.

The 14” (1600 x 900) is reasonably sharp, but outdoor usages could become a pain as the maximum brightness only reach 137 cd/m2. HP uses the 1.9GHz A8-4500M quad-core processor, which is paired with a 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The Seagate Momentus 500GB 7200rpm HDD offers a transfer rate of 87MB per second, which is comparable in performance with faster 5400rpm models. The built-in Radeon HD 7520G GPU “steals” up to 512MB of system RAM and it performance level barely nudges ahead of the Intel Graphics HD 4000.

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