Haswell May Consume Only 0.1W During Idle

Haswell is the 4th generation Intel Core processor family set to replace the Ivy Bridge. It is aimed to deliver impressive energy savings, while keeping the performance level more or less comparable to the Ivy Bridge.  Boosted with greater graphics capability,

Haswell-powered laptops can deliver performance level comparable to low-end dedicated graphics card. While Ivy Bridge chips require as low as 17W of power, Haswell pushes that lower to 10W. It should be noted that a large part of energy requirement takes place during idle period.

Intel promises that laptops powered with Haswell processors will consume as little as 0.1W during idle. This is a significant improvement compared to 3W needed by Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge chips. It means, we might see ultrabooks perform like tablets powered with ARM processors, which use nearly no power at all while staying connected to the Internet. However, this could be achieved only when several measures are taken such as using the more efficient LPDDR3 modules for system RAM.

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