HP Pavilion g6-2253sg Review

The HP Pavilion g6-2253sg is a mid-range laptop with solid performance and above average storage capacity for a small price. It’s quite obvious that HP needs to do some compromises. As an example, the plastic case is neither stable nor it is ergonomic; although it still serves its purposes well. The quality of the keyboard and touchpad are better than what we normally see at this price range. On top of that, the model proves to be reasonably quiet, while offering long battery life for typical daily uses.

Users should expect its 15.6” HD TN-panel display to offer poor viewing angles and mediocre brightness level. In general, the HP Pavilion g6-2253sg is suitable only for indoor uses. The 2.3-2.7GHz AMD A10-4600M processor can’t compete with the Intel’s most powerful chips; but it is suitable for standard computing tasks.

The HP Pavilion g6-2253sg is suitable for those who prioritize on quantity instead of quality. HP decided against using an SSD as there are a couple of Toshiba 500GB HDDs under the hood.

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