HP and Acer Are Working on New Laptop Designs

Despite its recent focus on new tablet models, HP still has plenty of commitment towards future laptop models. It was reported recently that HP is working on a new design and the first fruit of this effort is the upcoming Haswell-based laptops. The new processor architecture is created by Intel for ultrabooks with their slim design and long battery life. Special attention will be focused on type of material, shape and specific components, such as hinges. HP’s notebook models with metal housing will increase to 50 percent from 20 percent.

The source also said that Acer is also experimenting with new laptop design and the company may finally introduce their “secret weapon” in May.  Acer will also use Intel Haswell processor for improved performance and lower energy utilization. Acer’s design may include rotatable hinges that morph the laptop into a tablet. Convertible laptop/tablet design is nothing new; touch-based laptop screens that swivel already entered the market since the Windows XP era.

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