Windows 8 LaptopIt is an undeniable fact that Microsoft Windows is dominating the computing world with its appealing user-friendly interface and support for a wide range of devices. Although some would quickly argue that Windows OS isn’t the best in the market, Microsoft has improved significantly and Windows 7 was often praised as its best Windows version yet. Windows 8 will arrive soon and the market would be inundated with new PCs and laptops designed specifically for the new OS.

If you are planning to purchase a Windows 8 laptop next year, there are a few changes to consider. Touch capability may finally arrive to laptops, as Windows 8 interface are fully optimized for both mouse/keyboard input and touch. It is also important to expect a lot of convertibles and hybrids, as Windows 8 finally allows these devices to work properly. It is also quite possible that there will be close integration between Windows Phone 8 smartphones and Windows 8 laptops.

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