Fujitsu LaptopThe Lifebook T902 is one of Fujitsu’s finest laptop models with its solid business features, above average upgrade options and wide selection of ports. These favorable advantages complement the solid build quality and good performance level. The 13.3” IPS LED (1600 x 900) display is an overall excellent unit with very accurate pen input, impressive contrast, wide viewing angles and relatively high resolution.

But, the display seems to have limited color spectrum coverage and low maximum brightness, which fortunately shouldn’t bring significant limitations in most cases.

The T902 is direct improvement over the T901 and it comes with high quality surface as well as slimmer silhouette. Despite the reduced thickness, the Fujitsu Lifebook T902 is still sufficiently sturdy, except for the surface above the optical drive, which yields easily to pressure. Consumers can choose two variants of T902, one with Intel Core i5-3320M processor and another with the faster Core i7-3520M.

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