Fujitsu LifeBook A512 Review

Fujitsu LifeBook - Fujitsu LaptopFujitsu LifeBook A512 is a laptop with decent performance level, low heat emission and good maintenance capabilities. The case is constructed almost entirely of black plastic, which easily hints the laptop’s status as a productivity machine. The design is quite stable and the case is well built. Unfortunately, the lid bends rather easily and this causes significant image aberrations.

On the front there are, card reader and headphone/mic jack. There are one USB 2.0 port, Kensington lock socket, DVD burner and power socket on the right side. On the left side there are ExpressCard slot, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI out port, Gigabit Ethernet port and VGA out port. The keyboard has traditional flat design, with clear pressure point and good travel.

The LifeBook A512 has a 15.6” display with acceptable brightness level. There are many processor options available, with the cheapest being Pentium B960; but it’s advisable to purchase the Intel Core i3-2328M model, which offers a nice balance between price and performance level.

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