Fujitsu Celsius H730 Includes Veins-Recognition System

Biometric implementation in security areas is nothing new and with its new laptop, Fujitsu wants to take a new spin on the old idea. The company has recently introduced the Celsius H730 which includes the palm-based vein authentication technology. Instead of scanning thumbprints, the new technology examines the invisible pattern of blood vein in our hands, which is also unique to each individual.

Called the PalmSecure, the technology is based on multiple sensor arrangement. Its contact-less operation works using near-IR rays, which are absorbed more easily by the hemoglobin present in blood veins. Using specific image recognition feature, the veins will appear black when they are scanned. This would make it easier for the scanner to read the unique pattern and accurately grant authorization. The laptop users need to pre-register themselves into the system. Fujitsu claims that the PalmSecure technology is very accurate, with only 0.00008 percent of false acceptance rate.

Except for the innovative blood vein recognition system, the Fujitsu Celsius H730 is a fairly average laptop. It’s equipped with 3.8GHz Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and 15-inch display. The Nvidia Quadro graphics suggest that the laptop is aimed more towards professionals and the platform can support up to 32GB of RAM. The laptop would be available in the United Kingdom starting at £1330.

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