Dell Releases High-End Linux Laptop, the Sputnik 3

Most consumers PCs are running Windows operating system, but Dell has been giving us a few laptops with Linux OS preinstalled over the years. The Dell Sputnik 3 is more than just a laptop with a cool name, because it is a Haswell-powered Ubuntu Linux laptop. It comes in a couple of configurations, starting from $1,249  or £775 which gets users an Intel Core i5 4200 dual-core processor, 128GB SSD, 13.3-inch full HD touchscreen display and 8GB of RAM.

The more expensive model is available for $1,549 or £960, equipped with Intel Core i7 4500U processor, 256SSD, 8GB of RAM and 13.30inch full HD touchscreen display. Both variants run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Long Term Support), which focuses on regular security updates and improved stability. Sputnik 3 is an open hardware platform; users can install other Linux flavors or even Windows OS.

The Dell Sputnik will be available initially in Canada next week, followed by countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom in December. It is reported that Dell is testing Linux Ubuntu on the bigger sibling of XPS 13 Developer Edition, the Precision M3800. It is believed that there are still issues with Linux Driver on Precision M3800, but this should be worked out pretty soon.

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