Dell Latitude 6430u HD+ Review

The Latitude 6430u HD+ is an upgrade of the original Latitude 6430u and it now has a display with 1600 x 900 resolution. As a comparison, the earlier model disappointed consumers with its paltry display, at 1366 x 768 resolution.

Thanks to the larger screen resolution, the 14” display now has a higher pixel density at 131ppi, which deliver crisper text and sharper images.  The display is also sufficiently bright and can be used outdoor, even when it runs on battery power. But the low contrast makes it more difficult to decipher what’s displayed on the screen, unless the laptop is placed in the shade.

There’s no ambient light sensor and this could be a plus for some users, as the auto-adjustment feature can be rather distracting for users. The laptop uses Intel Core i5 3437U dual-core processor, which is clocked dynamically between 1.9GHz to 2.9GHz.  Other internal hardware components include two 4GB RAM modules in dual-channel configuration, 128GB SSD and Intel HD Graphics 4000.

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