Samsung Has Manufactured High Performance PCIe SSD for Ultrabooks

Samsung’s new PCIe (PCI-Express) SSD has entered the mass production stage and it would soon bring enhanced performance for ultrabooks. The storage device weighs about six grams and measures 80x22mm, making it an ideal solution for next-generation ultrabooks.

Approximately one ninth lighter and one seventh smaller than typical SSDs, engineers could come up with more compact ultrabook designs. On average, it could deliver about 2.5 times more performance than today’s standard SATA-based SSD models. With an average transfer rate of 1,400MB/s, ultrabooks with this SSD can move 500GB of data in just six minutes, compared to 40 minutes on laptops with traditional HDDs.

Samsung will commercially sell their new PCIe SSDs as “XP941” and it is already shipped to numerous laptop manufacturers. There are three capacity options available; 128, 256 and 512GB.

It’s worth noting that recent teardown of MacBook Air has found a PCIe SSD model made by Samsung. So it appears, Apple still considers Samsung as one of its best buddies, at least in the laptop industry, where the South Korean company is just a minor competitor.

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