Convertibles Don’t Sell Too Well in

Early laptops with the now classic clamshell design emerged in the early 1980’s and thirty years later, they stay largely the same. Surely, they have gotten lighter and thinner over the years, but they didn’t change much in terms of basic form factor; until the advent of touch-centric interface based on the Windows 8 platform.

These days, we are just as likely to get convertible laptops as we are classic clamshell-shaped laptops when we are shopping for them. Convertibles are more flexible than average laptops and unlike detachables, the display and base can’t be separated. However, the special hinges allow users to switch between different modes; laptop, tablet, stand and tent.

Unfortunately, according to recent study, 2-in-1 laptops only account for about 10 percent share in the market. Although Intel reckons that the share will increase ten-fold in, manufacturers are not too confident about that.

As nearly major vendors already introduce their convertible models, they don’t seem to embrace the design reluctantly; but it appears it would be awhile before convertibles could replace models with basic design. However, this could change when Apple starts to introduce its new convertible models in a big way.

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