Chromebooks May Soon Support Android Apps

Google is not only a dominant force in the online industry, it has also moved on all fronts in the mobile market. Its Android operating system is already the most popular mobile platform and the company is seeking to steal some market share in the laptop market. However, Chrome OS still lacks adequate number of apps and the company is planning to provide support for Android apps.

This will bring Android apps directly to Chromebooks and both platforms will be closer. This could be another step to merge the platform completely, so Google will have a unified operating system for both desktop and mobile. This means, Android apps developers will soon get an additional target market without doing too much extra effort. Obviously, some adjustments will be required to run Android on larger machines, but this should be relatively easier to achieve.

For the moment, Chrome is the standard web browser for newer Android versions and its extensions allow users to get multiple desktop-like features. Chromebooks are making inroads into the non-profit, education and personal sectors. In many retailers, Chromebooks have become top sellers, especially because users can get good capability at lower costs.

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