Asus F205TA Will Be The New $199 Windows Laptop

The Asus F205TA will soon become the newest addition in the $199 category. If it’s true, the laptop should compete directly against HP’s Steam 14. At the moment, details are still scarce and the F2 prefix indicated that the device could be a netbook model. The Taiwanese company regularly uses the F2 branding for its low-cost laptop range.

Compared to the HP Stream with its 14-inch display, the new F205TA will be equipped with the smaller 11.6-inch display. Inside, the laptop will be equipped with tablet-like hardware, such as the Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail processor and 4GB of RAM. This makes Asus Laptop an interesting alternative, considering that the Stream 14 comes with only 2GB of RAM. However, both laptops have the same 32GB of internal storage.

Manufacturers have been introducing a new crop of ultra-affordable laptop models that run the new Windows 8.1 operating system. The strategy is aimed to curb the trend on Google Chromebook. As Internet-oriented devices, these new models have Internet Explorer and Bing as the default web browser and search engine. Microsoft provides free operating system, as long as manufacturers sell these devices under $250.

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