Chromebooks and Touch-capable Laptops Boost PC Sales in the UK

Touchscreen laptops with optimized Windows 8 OS and web-centric Chromebooks have contributed significantly in boosting PC sales in many regions, including the UK. In some cases, these devices are capable of bring sales above the expected figures.

Apparently, PC market is still far from dying despite the ceaseless assaults from various mobile devices. The introduction of Intel Haswell architecture has allowed laptops to achieve more compact form factor and longer battery life, without sacrificing performance.

Chromebook is a new emerging category in PC market and it represents an alternative to traditional Windows-based solutions. These devices are fully optimized for web-focused users and casual computing tasks, such video playback and document editing.

The introduction of new laptops designs have helped to slow down the decline of PC sales. Between August and first week of September, PC sales only decline for about 2.5 percent, which is better than in. Meaning, manufacturers may have found implementations that still encourage users to continue using laptops.

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