Upcoming MacBook Pro Models May Have Haswell Processor, Retina Display and Hybrid Design

Predictions and rumors keep on surfacing as to what the upcoming MacBook Pro models will be like. We also hear reports suggesting that it will also be powered by the efficient Haswell processor. Other sources also assured us that Apple is planning to drop the DVD drive to make way for hybrid-like design.

With the MacBook Air, Apple manages to increase the battery life from 7 hours to about 13 hours, by adding the Haswell processor. Intel’s new hardware platform delivers more than 50 percent of improvement in battery life and this should be something that future MacBook Pro models can benefit significantly.

Overall, the edition of MacBook Pro hybrid with Retina Display and Intel Haswell processor sounds really interesting, but can Apple deliver it? Many have expected that Cupertino would unveil a bit of details on future MacBook models during the iPhone 5S/5C, but unfortunately, Apple remained tight lipped about this. Regardless of what Apple will deliver with the upcoming MacBook Pro models, consumers in United Kingdom will gain significant benefits from them.

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