Choosing Windows 8 Gaming Laptops

Laptops were used to be simple, they had straightforward clamshell design and everyone would use them only for productivity tasks. But things are different today; they come with complex new technologies, radical designs and much more capable operating systems. Performance level has reached to a point that we no longer notice differences with a couple hundreds MHz of frequency bump.

Fortunately, this development brings one obvious opportunity: Laptops have increasingly become capable gaming machines. Those with extra cash in their budget won’t mind getting the high-end Alienware M14x, but should you spend more than $1000 (Approx. £644) only for portable gaming machine?

Today, for about $900 (Approx. £580), consumers can already get the Sony Vaio E14 with decent Intel Core i7 mobile processor and AMD Radeon HD 7670M GPU, capable of delivering relatively smooth gameplay at medium-high detail settings. So far, there are very few touchscreen Windows 8 laptops offer discrete GPU as current PC games don’t require touchscreen capability.

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