Ativ Laptops Will Be Available for Pre-orders in The United Kingdom

Samsung introduced the interesting Ativ laptop lineup in June during the Samsung Premiere event in London. Devices listed in the series include Ativ 9 laptops and Ativ Q laptop, with dual-hybrid configuration. Consumers in Germany are now able to pre-order the Ativ Q Hybrid, which is currently priced at 1,599 Euro.

Soon, the South Korean company will open the pre-order in the United Kingdom as well, with the Ativ Book 9 Lite priced at £ 499 (non-touch) and £599 (touch-capable). The Ativ Q will also be available for £1,399, while the Ativ Book 9 Plus is the more expensive model, priced at £1,299.

With the Ativ Q Hybrid, users can get the dual-boot Android and Windows 8 OS configuration, other hardware specs include Intel Core i5 clocked at 1.6GHz, 128GB SSD, Integrated GPU, 4GB RAM, Bluetooth, webcam, WiFi and RJ-45 LAN socket. The ATIV Book Plus has nearly similar specs, except for Windows 8-only OS and 13.3” touchscreen display.

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