Asus VivoBook U38N-C4004H (with IPS Display) Review

While owners of MacBook Air  model may deliberately try to attract envious looks from others. A new updated variant of Asus Vivobook U38N-C4004H can also do that for us.  It is equipped with vivid 1080p full HD display and quad-core processor. The Asus Vivobook U38N-C4004H uses an aluminum chassis with very thin bezel on the display lid.

The focus of this model is the 13.3” multi-touch 1080p IPS-TFT display, which supports up to ten simultaneous touches. With reduced glossiness, good viewing angles, acceptable brightness and vivid colors, this is surely not an ordinary display in the laptop market.

It adapts to the surrounding environment thanks to the ambient light sensor and users won’t see over-lit spots around the edges at near maximum brightness level.  The AMD A10 4655M quad-core processor is a mid-range chip model, which contains the built-in Radeon HD 7620G IGP and its main storage unit is the SanDisk U100 128GB SSD.

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