Users Report WiFi Connection Problems With The New MacBook Air

Apple is known for its focus on achieving premium quality and solid user experience, but it is not immune to numerous glitches that typically affect newly released products. The model of MacBook model is barely out and already a few early adopters have reported WiFi connectivity issues.

Apparently, the sleek laptop easily loses its WiFi connection after a few minutes and unable to regain it. So far, the only solution is by restarting the connection. This issue happens to both 13” and 11” variants.

The WiFi connection is disrupted regardless of the router types used and owners can’t connect to WiFi network with full or partial reliability even when using the AirPort. Some users have tried moving to different locations relative to routers’ position, but it didn’t seem to fix the issue. Earlier, early batches of various iOS devices have been affected with the same problems, but if this is only a software glitch, it should be quite easy for Apple to fix.

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