Apple iPad 13-inch Could Have a Hybrid Design

Various sources are making reference to the apparent 13-inch iPad model that could actually be a hybrid device. It should effectively bridge the rather wide gap between the 9.7-inch iPad and MacBook Air/Pro. Considering recent trends in the UK market, this isn’t a far-fetched concept.

It is worth noting that reports from trusted sources said that Cupertino has been looking into an enlarged iPad model for some time. As competing laptop makers are releasing multiple hybrid and convertible machines, a 13-inch iPad that can transform into a laptop may make a good deal of sense. When delivered in ultrabook-hybrid form, we may have one hell of impressive product.

Traveling professionals in the United Kingdom would find it convenient to get capabilities of iPad and MacBook in a single device. It isn’t known whether Apple will choose a slider or detachable design. Regardless of concept Apple chooses, the company’s latest products will likely be received enthusiastically among users.

However, it would be a while before we see such a device in the market. Now, Apple is still prioritizing on the imminent launch of the iPad Mini 2, iPad 5 and the Haswell-powered MacBook Pro (Edition).

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