AMD Introduces Richland APUs for Laptops

Earlier, AMD unveiled that it will release a few Richland APU models next month, with energy-efficient ULV models expected to appear in the following month. They will be used both on laptops and desktops.  AMD has made an appearance at MWC and this is not something ordinary.

Apparently, the company has recognized the importance of mobile computing and the steady decline of desktop PC sales. The company displays a modified HP Envy M6, running the new processor. AMD’s representatives at MWC said that they bought a standard HP Envy M6 unit and replaced the A8 APU with the newer Richland APU.

Apparently, this helps to signify the compatibility of Richland APU with existing hardware platform. The same-socket structure will make it easier for laptop manufacturers to adopt the new processors family faster. Sources said that the first Richland laptop will be clocked at 4.1GHz and it will have the equally interesting AMD HD 8670D dedicated graphics card.

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