Digitimes recently published a report suggesting that Asus will deliver a touch-capable Windows 8 laptop priced at only $399 (Approx. £256). However, sources from the upstream supply chain said that it’s quite unlikely that we will see more affordable touch-capable laptops in the near future.

Manufacturers will need to cut corners to allow bill of material reach lower price point. Instead of using Corning Gorilla Glass, a cheap touchscreen panel must be use despite its weaker resistance to scratches. Fortunately, this should be good enough for typical users as laptops tend to have fewer interactions with touches.

There’s also a rumor that Microsoft will subsidize Acer to allow the company reaches sub-$400 (Approx. £257) price point. Acer stated previously that it seeks to push the share in touchscreen laptop market to 35 percent by the end of 2013.

Asus, Acer’s archrival, is also planning to release affordable touch-based laptops to boost sales.

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