One big problem with the Acer C7 Chromebook in its original configuration is its slow loading time, partly due to the rather sluggish 320GB HDD. The Taiwanese laptop maker has recently upgraded its C7 Chromebook with 16GB SSD for cache and Intel Haswell processor, which cut down the loading time to only 8 seconds.

Because users typically run web browsers and other lightweight apps with a Chromebook, they may not get any noticeable benefit from the improved performance. However, the Haswell architecture is originally designed to deliver longer battery life not to make a computer much faster.

Unfortunately, the updated C7 Chromebook still doesn’t address another major issue of the original model: poor viewing angle. The 11.6-inch display still uses the same low HD quality resolution. Acer also applies no change with the overall physical and keyboard design. Like the non-Haswell model, the updated C7 still has the same gunmetal finish chassis, which actually makes the Chromebook looks sturdier that it actually is.  Nevertheless, the strong plastic should protect the Chromebook from light drops and bumps.

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