Windows RT 8.1 Update May Brick Some Laptops

The joy for the Windows 8.1 roll-out has faltered when we heard that the RT version of the updated softwares may brick some laptop units. Microsoft has acknowledged the situation and it already begins the investigation. Some users complained that they encountered the issue after the update to Windows 8.1 RT.  Users are unable to download the Windows 8.1 update, until the solution is implemented.

It is not known how many units are affected. Manufacturers choose Windows RT for their laptop models to improve battery life. Fortunately, affected users can use a workaround developed by Scott Williams, a Windows RT user. He has posted a temporary fix on his blog. With a USB flash drive, users can create a start-up drive that can bypass affected hard drive on Windows RT laptops. This allows users to gain access to the system, while keeping their personal data intact.

Windows RT 8.1 has enhancements large and small. Users should find that performance feels mostly responsive, with simple tasks like compressing files can be achieved faster. Microsoft also adds a new onscreen keyboard layout, which allows users to perform task better using a number of swiping actions. The combined search feature also looks nicer, while the expanded PC Settings give users comprehensive control panel options.

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