Understanding Data Loss Prevention on Laptops

Laptops are designed for mobility, which make them prone to data loss and theft. It’s therefore prudent to understand steps needed to prevent data on loss your laptop, before things get really wrong. A common method used is to enable a backup utility that works on the background and schedules file backup automatically.

Laptop users should keep their recovery CD which comes out of the box, as it allows them to do a re-install or a full re-write of the laptop. Windows recovery CD is also useful to boot a laptop with corrupted hard drive. Many laptops have the SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) feature that informs users of the likelihood hard drive failure.

It will notify users when a crash is inevitable, giving them enough opportunity to back up critical data. In addition, users can bring the laptop to the service center before failure occurs. Data recovery services are typically expensive and laptop users should take steps to prevent catastrophic data loss.

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