Sony Vaio E171290X Review

The Sony Vaio E171290X is a high-end desktop replacement, which is not overly expensive or heavy. It’s packed with a number of powerful features including Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, 750GB HDD, 8GB of RAM, 17-inch full HD display, Blu-ray drive and AMD Radeon HD 7550M GPU, costing at just £800 in various UK stores. Considering what’s under the hood, this is actually a reasonable price.

While its hardware specs cement the laptop as an excellent computer, the Sony Vaio E171290X still falls short in some areas. It doesn’t have touchscreen capability and the built-in touchpad is simply not up to the task. Like other powerful, big screen laptops, it has very short battery life. Also its 3D performance is not up to snuff when compared to powerful game-centric laptops.

Nevertheless, the Vaio E17 is still worth a look, with bright full HD display, various upgrade options and affordable base price.

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