Samsung Series 3 NP350V5CSamsung Series 3 NP350V5C is a lightweight mid-range gaming laptop with Intel Core i7-3610QM, AMD Radeon HD 7670M GPU, 750GB hard drive and 8GB of RAM. The laptop delivers sufficient computing and multimedia performance. Priced at 999 euro, the Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C is significantly cheaper than more serious gaming behemoths. The 15-incher machine comes with a diverse array of ports; a couple of USB 3.0 ports, VGA port, full-sized HDMI port. This Samsung Laptop uses 15” 1366 x 768 full HD LED-backlit display, which unfortunately shows annoying reflection when used outdoors.

The upper mid-range hardware configuration offers adequate performance for average gaming. Skyrim scores about 35fps at high detail settings, but slumps to 19fps when battery-saving mode is enabled. The notebook pleasantly hums at 32dB at idle with occasional clacking noise from the hard drive. It runs for 5 hours 40 minutes at idle, with minimal brightness and WLAN turned off; and slightly more than one hour under full load with maximum display brightness.

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