We could expect the MacBook Air Pro to deliver a number of impressive new features. According to earlier patent filing, we knew that Apple has been developing an innovative display unit that could work as a solar power supply unit and an external display.

The U.S. Patent No. 8,638,549 mentions about a laptop design that incorporates displays on both sides. The internal panel works as the standard display, while external unit could harness solar power with its embedded photovoltaic cells.

The new display arrangement involves a wide array of materials, including fiber composites, glass, metal and ceramic. The external component could also feature the electrochromic glass that enables users to define how light passes through. The patent also mentions that it will feature a more flexible touch input capability, since users could control the whole bezel area. This means, Apple may take away the usual physical buttons. Apple has been focusing on improved implementations of touch controls. Surely, a laptop design with such a unique configuration should appeal to many users.

It would be interesting to see how users would control their new MacBook through touches. Reports say that Apple will release a new MacBook later this year and we may need to wait for an official announcement.

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