MSI S20-i541 UltraSlider Review

The MSI S20-i541 UltraSlider is a slider that looks like it’s made from plastic, but upon closer look we can see that it actually uses aluminum. Unfortunately, the slider doesn’t compensate that with a solid build quality. It comes with good placement of ports, except for the SD card reader that is placed rather inconveniently on the back, instead of on the front.

The sliding mechanism occupies much of the space and this result in a rather cramped keyboard layout. But it’s a good thing that the 14x14mm keys offer good key travel and precise strokes. The 1080p screen resolution leads to 190ppi of pixel density, which contributes to sharper images and crisper text.

The MSI S20-i541 UltraSlider uses Intel Core i5 3337U processor with clock rate that fluctuates between 1.8 and 2.5GHz. While idle, the chip stays at 800MHz, making it among the most energy-efficient models in Intel’s portfolio. The low-power processor is accompanies by the Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated GPU and 4GB of RAM. The storage capacity is rather limited, since the slider only uses a 128GB SSD made by SanDisk and only 94GB of it is accessible by the operating system and users.

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