MSI GT60 0NG-294US Review

The MSI GT60 0NG-294US is a well-made and stable laptop model with stylish appearance and multi-color backlit keyboard. Compared to the boxier workstations in the market, this model is definitely more attractive. It offers a number of unique connectivity options, including S/PDIF-out, Gigabit LAN and dual-band WLAN. However, some users may nitpick on the lack of WWAN, mSATA and DisplayPort options.

The laptop is adequate for those seeking to run professional Windows software that requires constant number-crunching tasks. The Intel Core i7 3630QM processor can reach the maximum clock rate of 3.2GHz with the Turbo Boost feature. It uses the K2000M GPU, which is quite incapable of running games fluently at higher detail settings.

Another drawback of the phone is the loud idle noise compared to competing laptop models. The 15.6” full HD TN display once again shows poor vertical viewing angles and its main storage unit is the Western Digital 750GB 7200rpm HDD.

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