Intel Core i5-3337UIIntel will be releasing new ULV processors in Q1, which further improves performance and power efficiency in ultrabooks market. Core i3-3227U and Core i5-3337UI will have a TDP as low as 17 Watts, while featuring Intel HD 4000 graphics and 3MB of L3 cache. These new processors will keep prices and power usages low, while maintaining raw performance high. With 100MHz higher clock rate, the Core i3-3227U will slowly replace the i3-3217U currently used on low-power machines.

Intel takes an opposite approach with the Core i5-3337UI, with lower clock rate compared to its predecessor. Nevertheless, users can get the extra horsepower needed through the Turbo Boost technology which can fire the processor up to 2.7GHz.While this may hurt power efficiency, users won’t be affected by sluggish performance during hardware-intensive utilizations. Both processors will be used in ultrabooks and notebooks released and while the launch isn’t the most exciting, they can bring significant difference in terms of value and performance.

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