It has been speculated that Google will merge the Android and Chrome OS, although Eric Schmidt shot down the rumor a few weeks ago. Sundar Pichai, the current Android chief was a former top employee in the Chrome OS department and this fuels the speculation further. Laptops running Android OS seems like a natural step for Google and they could benefit from massive number of apps designed for Android tablets. Latest Android version has built-in scaling algorithms that allow devices with large displays to run smartphone apps.

For a company as huge as Google, this would be a very cheap experiment to pursue, but can bring a significant implication in the computing world. PC vendors would love to expand their portfolio by using something other than Windows 8 OS. Android OS is free and it may be a better solution than Linux for average consumers. Androidbook would most likely be a touchscreen laptop with very familiar user interface. It offers decent customization options for advanced users and can integrate nicely with Android smartphones and tablets.

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