Five Best Haswell-Based Laptops in the UK

Compared to the earlier Ivy Bridge generation, the computing performance of the new Haswell architecture is nearly at a standstill, but it offers great enhancements on other areas. The much hyped improvement is obviously the battery life and as seen on the heavy-duty, gaming-oriented Razer Blade; users can get nearly five hours of runtime.

Graphics performance is another significant matter and the improved Intel HD 4600 integrated GPU manages to outperform many entry-level discrete graphics cards. Some latest game titles are playable at low-medium detail settings.

Laptop users in the UK planning to replace their older Sandy Bridge- or Ivy Bridge-based machines may consider choosing the following Haswell laptops:

=> Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch: A thin £700 laptop with impressive price to performance ratio.

=> Envy TouchSMart 15t: A relatively affordable gaming laptop with decent hardware specs that keep its price tag in the three-digit range.

=> Aspire V7 Model 482PG-9884: A gaming laptop with 12GB of RAM. It’s £220 more expensive than the Envy TouchSMart 15t, but offers 30 percent higher gaming performance.

=> Sony VAIO Pro 13: An ultrabook with stunning design with impressive slim design, only 0.68-inch at its thickest point.

=> Toshiba Satellite Qosmio X75 A7298: A rather pricey £1200 laptop that can satisfy both demanding professionals and hard-core gamers.

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