Eurocom Panther 5.0 SE, A Laptop Shaped Server

The Eurocom Panther 5.0 SE (Server Edition) is not an ordinary laptop with its 8-core Xeon processor and it represents a real solution towards portable server solution. For IT administrators and other professionals, the Panther 5.0 SE is definitely an intriguing beast.

Eurocom said that the Panther 5.0 SE can be deployed much faster than typical servers and we can’t argue with that. But considering the 660 Watt power requirements, a wall socket is required during any deployment. This laptop-shaped server comes with a 17” display and it weighs a truckload at 12 pounds. Nevertheless, IT professionals would still consider it as light as feather than those full-sized servers.

Eurocom doesn’t say that all data centers should use Panther 5.0 SE, but the laptop is an acceptable backup in case the primary server goes down. From a hardware standpoint, we won’t see much difference with the earlier Panther 5D, which was aimed as a CAD-oriented laptop. But, the 5SE shaves price by offering less capable graphics capability. Other than the Intel 3.8GHz Zeon E5-2690 octa-core processor, the Panther 5.0 SE also has 32GB of RAM.

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