Dell Announces the M4800 and M6800 Laptops

Equipped with AMD APU and Nvidia GPU, the newly announced Dell Precision M4800 and M6800 solidly stand out among the competition with its IGZO 3200 x 1800 qHD+ display. They will arrive on September 12 and availability in the UK may start a few weeks afterwards.

There are numerous variants of both devices, starting at £795. Both use Intel’s 4th generation Core i5 or i7 processor and there is support for up to 32GB 1600MHz or 16GB 1866MHz of DDR3 RAM. The built-in WiGig feature allows users to stream high definition content wirelessly to multiple devices at once.

There are some differences between the M4800 and M6800. With the former, we get a 15.6-inch qHD+ display and the M6800 adds only 10-point touch capability. The M6800 also can support up to 4 hard drives and more powerful graphics card. Both laptops are protected against shock, low air pressure, dust, vibration, high humidity and extreme temperatures. Security options include a TPM module, Smart Card reader, Dell Data Protection and optional FIPS fingerprint reader.

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