Samsung LaptopIt is widely known that the UEFI feature prevents smooth Linux booting on Samsung laptops. Also, some users complained that the Linux OS bricked their laptops. However, a Linux developer recently reported that any operating system can brick Samsung notebooks, even Windows 8. The developer said that he hasn’t installed Linux on the machine and it simply refused to boot. Perhaps, the glitch that affects some Samsung laptops are more serious than we previously believed.

A closer examination shows that the motherboard stops responding after encountering an attempt to rewrite the built-in firmware. EUFI expressly allows variable changes and this is more likely a firmware bug. It seems to be much safer to disable the UEFI in any occasion.

The bricking problem was first reported by a user who chose UEFI boot when running Ubuntu 12.04 on the Samsung 530U3C notebook. The laptop wouldn’t restart and only a complete motherboard replacement could solve the issue.

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