Asus Taichi 21-CW001H Review

Asus Taichi 21-CW001HAsus Taichi 21-CW001H is based on a seemingly brilliant idea; it is an ultrabook with a touchscreen display on the back of the display. The Asus Taichi can work like a normal laptop, but users would also appreciate its tablet mode. The keyboard is generally comfortable to use, owners should immediately appreciate its firm stroke and pressure point. The laptop comes with dual 11.6″ 1080p displays, which features multi-touch functionality.

Viewing angles and color quality are comparable to some high-end tablets, such as the Dell XPS 12 tablet.

The Intel Core i7 3517U is an adequately powerful low-voltage processor and the Ivy Bridge architecture includes the Intel HD Graphics 4000

Unlike earlier Intel Graphics solutions, the HD 4000 is adequately powerful to deliver “just-enough” gaming performance, for example; Mass Effect 3 on high settings moves along at 25fps. Despite using a low-voltage processor, battery life may get a little tight for the Asus Taichi. The laptop can last only slightly longer than one hour when running with maximum brightness and full CPU load.

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