Asus S200E Vivobook: An Affordable Touch-capable Netbook

Asus VivobookEquipped with an 11.6” touchscreen display, the Asus S200E is reasonably priced at only £449.99 and it delivers pretty much anything we could want from a laptop of this size. There’s an Intel Core i3 3217U processor under the hood and it offers enough power for daily tasks on the Windows 8 OS while keeping energy utilization at minimum.

Obviously, users shouldn’t expect to get any fancy graphics solution, but if 3D gaming is still on your to do list, you should only choose older titles and use low detail settings. The Li-Po 38Wh battery only has a couple of cells and it’s good for 5 hours of light usages, like typing on word processor.

We are not looking a netbook with IPS panel, so the display is only the standard TN fare. As expected, vertical viewing angles suffer a bit too easily and it responds much better with horizontal changes. The 10-point multitasking capability offers smooth interaction with the Live Tiles of Windows 8 interface. Colors are adequately accurate and under typical situations, users shouldn’t be bothered with mentioned limitations. Other important details are 500GB hard disk drive, 4GB of RAM, Windows 8, three USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 720p webcam, VGA out port and island-style keyboard.

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